About IMEAS Project

The IMEAS project is funded under the INTERREG Alpine Space Programme (2nd call).

IMEAS stands for Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space.

IMEAS was launched in November 2016, its conclusion is expected in December 2019. The activities, coordinated by ENEA, involve 12 partners from 7 Countries, all in common with the will to support the development integrated low carbon policies in the Alpine Region.

The Objective

The stated objective of the project is to improve the capacity of Administrations, Agencies and other Institutions to plan integrated and sustainable energy policies, providing them with appropriate operational tools to achieve a efficient energy model within the Alpine Region.

The keywords

  1. Integration: the IMEAS approach to the energy problem of the Alpine Region aims at integrating the use of methodologies and tools that are currently different from one subject to another, thus contributing to a homogeneous representation of the various energy-related approaches at various levels.
  2. Share: Integrating means first sharing best practices and then creating new ones in order to improve the performance of different public entities for achieving a low-carbon, innovative and efficient energy model in the Alpine region.
  3. Multilevel: These objectives will be pursued within the framework of IMEAS by a group of technical partners, each of which will bring to the working group its experience to merge it together with the others, thus implementing a multi-approach in practice that will enable the correct integration of different paths into a perspective multilevel governance (MLG).

The results

The project’s results consist of three practical tools:

  • A white paper describing the stakeholders network model;
  • A web platform where content tools and guidelines;
  • Integrated maps for the development of an efficient model for low-carbon energy production in IMEAS.

For more information on the IMEAS Project visit our web site.

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